Guneet Bhatia 15 Nov, 2018 12:24 71388 10

People Earn From Jokes; Take It Easy: YouTuber Aashqeen To Easily Offended Indians

In India, people think everything revolves around them: Aashqeen

I know I will offend a lot of people by saying this, but let's accept, INDIANS TAKE OFFENSE ON EVERYTHING.

Take #MeToo for instance. When most of the country was talking about women who were troubled by men, some over-insightful people took it as an offense against 'every' man out there. *HOW?*

And it's not just in cases of significant movements like #MeToo, even if someone is talking about religion, or a politician or a gender in specific, he/she has to bear a brunt in the end. 

However, amidst all this, some people still have the guts to speak in public, by adding a bit of humour to it. Such people are YouTubers like Aashqeen who use comedy as a way to send out a message of harmony. 

To talk more about how the life of an entertainer is, WittyFeed reached out to Aashqeen to know how did he land into this profession and what are his views about easily offended Indians.