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15 Women Share Their Creepy And Disturbing Stories Of Being Flashed On

Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault

A 28-year-old employee at Chennai’s SRM University was arrested by the police today for allegedly masturbating in front of a woman student. The warden who tried to blame and shame the woman was also suspended. While the SRMIST came forward with an explanation and an apology, the whole stance points towards one single question:

What did women do to deserve this?

The instances of being flashed at and masturbated on are more common than you think. A woman will just be walking on the streets, minding her own business and a pervert will decide to conduct his business outside his pants. 

It has happened with almost every woman you know and while the world chooses to turn a blind eye on the entire culture of harassment, we beg you to please, be better. 

In the wake of #MeToo movement last year, author Jennifer Wright put up a status on Twitter where she asked women, who have been flashed a penis to speak up on their experiences. The responses were, to anyone's surprise staggering and preposterous.