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Why This Valentine's Day Should Be All About Self Love?

Not gyaan, but some tips to introspect!

As the year begins, hardcore romantic couples start planning their Valentine’s Day, while the others are divided into these varied sections.

One section is busy setting themselves the target of finding a girlfriend or boyfriend, so they don’t have to spend this year’s Valentine’s Day alone.

There is a group of people who have been in a relationship for long that none of this matters anymore.

Then there are the new-in-love couples who are still figuring their feelings out, wondering if they should actually plan something or not.

And, then, of course, there is the club of singles who throughout Valentine’s Week tradition are putting up posts on social media about how crappy this whole trend is!

Re-reading these lines to figure out which category you fit in? Well, maybe reading further would change your mind altogether.

But first, what according to you is love?


While to a three-year-old kid, parents signify love, to a 25-year-old, love is spending time with his or her partner. And to the people who have been single all their life, they seem to be missing out on something really important in life.

All of this hullabaloo around the whole feeling of love makes it sound like water on Mars, that scientists are trying really hard to find. While it is very easy to get caught up in this search for love, it is really important to strengthen the relationship you have with the most important person in your life. That is YOU, yes, YOU!

This Valentine’s Day we bring you simple tricks to add some tadka to a relationship that you have not been paying any heed to. Here’s how: