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Why ‘Quitting Your Job To Follow Your Passion’ Is The Best Thing You Can Ever Do!

This will make you wanna quit your job right away. 

Note:- This article is written by Surabhi Verma who is the author of ‘And She Quit Her Job’ and a corporate speaker. She also trains people in personal brand building and is often seen speaking in motivational sessions.

At various junctures in our life, we are confronted by the question – What do you want to do when you grow up?

The answer to this question changes its forms, as we grow up.

By the time we complete our education and step out of our ‘la la land’, the world suddenly becomes a tough journey. Reality hits hard and our own perceptions about a dream job start mixing up.

Most of us work extremely hard to get inside a well paying corporate job. At first, the very idea of going to the office on a daily basis seems interesting, the charm eventually loses lustre. As years pass by, and the good money starts flowing in, one struggles over and over to never let go of the stronghold over their jobs.

Some fall in the melancholy and fall for the perks, for others the very outlandish idea of ‘leaving your job to pursue your passion’ takes over the course of their lives. But if quitting is an option, why should one put everything aside and embark on a journey so uncertain?