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11 Things That Are Clearly Not What Feminism Is About

Have you ever googled what feminism is?

You're walking hand in hand with recent trends if the words feminism and women ring a bell in your head.

Be it national politics or international, be it Bollywood or Hollywood, this word has been making rounds in the universe like the meteoroids that keeps colliding with things like people's attitude and egos. Every living being has their own version of what the heavily mocked and used word feminism means, but do we really know what it is? 

In fact, does anyone know that feminism exists because sexism does? Its idea is to save all the women who are suffering around the world in the heartbreaking name of patriarchy. There is a reason the women had to rescue each other from the cruel ways of society which suppress them.

So, here's a read for everyone who thinks they know what feminism is: