Divya Singh 22 Feb, 2019 12:29 73438 4

What If An Extraordinary Startup Claims To Fulfill The Craziest Of Your Wishes?

Wish it, and they get it done for you, just right. 

 Startups are the talk of the town today. Every startup we know of today specialises in a certain kind of solution delivery - e-commerce, tech, creative marketing, and what not. But what if, and hear us out loud, what if there is a startup claiming to be your one-stop solution for ANY DESIRE, ANY WISH, out-of-the-blue, that you want to be fulfilled? What if this startup claims to be your own personal genie, barring any limitation as to the number of wishes?

So be it! Literally. Tathaastu - the larger-than-life startup that is committed to delivering you happiness at any cost!

Missing toilet seat, enough grades to get admission into the topmost university, social media addiction issue, wedding drama, fulfilling a dead father’s wish of donating four blue bottles of Pepsi - name it and all at Tathaastu has got your back no matter what.