This Is How You Can Break Free From The Fear Of Online Abuse

Ever wondered about the kind of risks you leave yourself open to when you spend long hours online?


According to a report in news daily DNA, over 42 per cent Indians spend an average of six to 10 hours online, which leaves them open to cyber harassment. However, often we find ourselves at loss about how to avoid being harassed online. 

There is something called cyber hygiene, which means an Internet user should not befriend strangers online, share details online esp. your bank details with any person online, and if by chance anything goes wrong, then the first thing an Internet user is supposed to do is report it to the cyber cell or police. Not to mention, there is a new RBI guideline that if a person loses their money online for no fault of theirs, then it is the bank's responsibility. 

Here we have Superintendent of Madhya Pradesh Police Jitendra Singh who spoke to social impact leader Akancha Srivastava about cyber hygiene, online child pornography and how the younger generation needs to be careful about what they do online.

NOTE: 'Akancha Against Harassment' is India's largest social impact initiative against cyber harassment. It is uniquely supported by the Indian police. WittyFeed is glad to support its stories and help you stay informed and safe.