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17 Interesting Facts About Human Body That We Bet You Didn't Know 

When humans are weird, how can their body be just as normal?

If you remember that one joke about increasing the number of bones in your body to 207 then trust me, you've come really far in life because as a kid, we are all literally made to learn the fact that a human body has 206 bones.

It was during our science period, every day, that we learned about our very own body and felt like we are being burdened to mug this then-so-useless knowledge. But now when you'll think about it, don't you feel that our body is the craziest and most complicated thing designed by the Gods?

If the thought of this design intrigues you as much it intrigues me, here's a perfectly fun piece for you.

Read further to learn about some extremely crazy facts about the human body: