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11 Types Of Injuries That You'll Incur If Your Ride In The Bed Goes Too Wild 

Yes! They exist for real!

What is the second step in a relationship? Getting married? Having kids? Meeting each other's family? Renting the same house? NO!


Yes! Sex is how a couple takes their relationship ahead, it's just them and a hundred thousand emotions flowing in the room.

Passion, feelings, emotions, intimacy, love and what not. But wait, what if you're having the time of your life and you get injured? (Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?)

Yes, you read that right. Sex injuries are a thing for real and they can be extremely painful. (More painful than the kind of fun you were having before getting injured. IKR?) 

So, here is the list of sex injuries that can happen to you if the 'process of your fun' takes a wild turn. Take a look: