Shraddha 29 Dec, 2018 09:35 72528 12

12 Times Tripling Fame Amol Parashar Reminded Us That He Is The Chocolate Boy Of Internet

And dear boys, you definitely need to up your game! 

Chitvan (Amol Parashar), as we all know him, had a very busy 2018, thanks to web shows like Home with ALTBalaji, Ready 2 Mingle and It Happened in Hong Kong with Zoom Studios. Not to mention that he has begun shooting for Tripling 2, which is expected to release next year. 

But, today we are not going to talk about his career graph, which we must say, has sure taken a wonderful turn in the last year, but his classic fashion sense that has the millennials looking upto the cute star. 

Come, let's take you down the fashion trip and tell you why you should #StealHisStyle!