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30 Times Shweta Tripathi Was Subtle, Elegant And All Things Stylish

Cute, quirky and all things cute. 

Enthusiastic, fearless and unapologetically herself, Shweta Tripathi, our very own Batattawada has a very eye-catching yet simplistic style. She garnered fame after doing films that were unusual but stayed with our hearts. 

Her sense of fashion is quirky, comfortable and very very relatable. The petite actress recently tied the knot with rapper Chaitnya Sharma. 

When asked about her fashion choices, Shweta said that sneakers are her fashion fetish. She also added that if she were a colour, it would be yellow, sunny and cheerful just like her. 

Here are 30 photos of Batattawada, that would make you wanna #StealHerStyle.