Divya Singh 24 Jan, 2019 13:02 72938 3

These Personalities Are Unapologetic For Their Life Choices And Here’s Why You Must Be Too

To say that you are not guilty of making the decisions you made, is all about courage and persistence.

It’s 2019; the 19th year of the 21st century. Yet, stereotypes exist. While the world is evolving on various fronts like technology, science, infrastructure and entertainment, there still seems to be a bubble around the ground realities - culture, education and psychological acceptance.

The urgency is now being understood by those in power and spotlight, and they are leaving no stones unturned to send across a message of social acceptance, breaking stereotypical barriers and being honest to oneself.

Indian celebrities are now talking openly and unapologetically about their life choices and asking us to stand tall by our idea of growth and empowerment. The meticulous courage of these personalities is commendable.