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These 6 Ruskin Bond Quotes Will Make You More Comfortable With Yourself

After all it is called The Book Of Comfort!

''So I went out into the night, walked up the hill, discovered new things about the night and myself, and came home refreshed. For just as the night has the moon and the stars, so the darkness of the soul can be lit up by small fireflies - such as these calm and comforting thoughts that I have jotted down for you..."

How many of you read these lines more than once? I did!

Every word, every sentence in this quote by renowned author Ruskin Bond resonated with me and made me go back to time, when I gave myself a chance. 

The walk deep into the night, befriending the nature and venturing into self-discovery. A journey that all of should venture into regularly.  

To cater to more readers like me, Penguin Random House has come with a book that compiles the quotes by Ruskin Bond. And just to give you glimpse of what the book offers, here are few quotes from The Book Of Comfort: