Divya Singh 23 Dec, 2018 10:22 72350 3

The Wit-Head Of Bollywood Just Got Copped By The Global Shoe Giant And How

Learn all about this iconic brand's surprise gesture that caught the Bollywood star off-guard!

The radio, the television, the billboards, the digital space - masses are going bonkers over a name for all good reasons! Yours truly, Ranveer Singh, has become an icon in all rights donning multiple hats of an entertainer, an actor, a fashion influencer and the kind of friend you all wish you have in your lives.

To reciprocate the efforts of Ranveer Singh for having always been honest to his profession and followers, guess who made a legendary move to surprise him with a car full of gratefulness? Well, adidas Originals knows how to smear the mascaras and snatch the wigs off the millennials and they did so - in a manner so sleek - that even Ranveer was floored with the gracious surprise!

The iconic shoe brand decided to catch Ranveer off-guard at YRF Studio to congratulate him and Deepika on beginning the new chapter of marriage in their lives and so with a message: “You Just Got Copped!”