Divya Singh 10 Nov, 2018 03:46 71273 3

The Significance Of Lighting Diyas On Diwali Goes A Long Way And Here’s Why We Love It

A wake-up call for all Indians as to how embracing the beauty, wonder and luminescence of a tiny Diya can be the start of a redefined choices for their lifestyles.

Festivals are the times when everyone gets to rejoice in the emotion of togetherness and a blessed living. Every year, the festival of Diwali visits our homes with a rush of euphoria, and we can not get enough of it!

What makes Diwali real today?

Every last bit of the savoury snacks cooked and served at home, the aroma of homemade desserts, the cheerful vibe of family, the dazzling traditional attires and the radiance of lights all around - this is what culminates into a glorious Diwali celebration for Indians.

However, are we forgetting something here?

Of course, the diya!

A diya, or an oil lamp, is the sole conveyor of this festival’s essence - the supreme victory of light over darkness, and good over evil.