Divya Singh 08 Apr, 2019 10:45 73638 4

The Concept Of UPI Has Made Life Easy For The Indian Consumer And How!

Variety of transactions. Instant payments. Simple lives. Daddu and Gublu will tell it all!

Okay, first things first. What exactly is UPI and how does it help you?

Well, UPI or Unified Payments Interface helps you make instant money transfers directly from one bank account to another.

The younglings and the elderly today are bragging about how UPI has simplified lives for them and made them self-sufficient. With over 674MM+ transactions, UPI is now becoming India’s most go-to online payment essential than ever before!

What has initiated this development? For one, UPI is unlike other online payments. It’s ease of access and use is what has made the consumer go head-over-heels over the method. And two, digital is the current revolution throughout the nation. UPI has made life simple for so many users across India, it’s no joke.

Daddu and his grandson Gublu are experiencing the blessing of UPI like never before! And they are here to inspire you to do the same with a hilarious take on those who are still sticking to age-old methods of payment. Why are they doing so?