Guneet Bhatia 05 Dec, 2018 09:11 71928 15

15 Soulful Shayari That Perfectly Express What One-Sided Love Feels Like

What is the most painful feeling ever? 

"What is the most painful thing one can ever go through?"

"Loving the one who'd never love you back."

Shah Rukh Khan once said, "Ek tarfa pyar ki taqat hi kuch aur hoti hai. Auron ke rishton ki tarah yeh do logon mein nahi bat ti. Sirf mera haq hai ispe." 

There are times when I don't find myself agreeing to this statement. Because for me, it isn't true. Being in a one-sided relationship or in a relationship which has been left answered forever, you know what it feels like?

It's scary. It's hurtful. It's self-destructive.

To give you an exact feeling, here are some lines to remind you about that ONE love, who left.