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25 Songs By AR Rahman Whose Lyrics Are Sure To Strike The Chords Of Your Soul 

Yeh jeena bhi, na jeena bhi, Hai dono ka tumse hi vaasta.

A man who made it made it big through music, not just in India but throughout the world. His songs are melodious, heartwarming and so so beautiful that they stay with you.

Yes, we're talking about the one and only musical legend, AR Rahman, who weaves magic into each melody he creates. Whether you are someone who is in love, someone who has fallen out of love or someone who is seeking an inspiration, his songs will always be the guiding light if you hear them the right way. 

The soul-stirring lyrics, the alluring composition and the tranquilising tunes transfer you to a parallel universe.

So here are 25 lyrics from his compositions, that are all things beautiful: