Niedhie Khera Verma 07 Jan, 2019 15:22 72630 4

Simmba Review: A Typical Rohit Shetty Film That Not Only Has Ranveer-Sara But Sense And Action

A movie that leaves its mark on the audience for sure!

I stepped out of the Inox movie hall, after watching Simmba, humming its title track while its background score kept running at the back of my mind.

I smiled... the movie had made its mark in those 2 hours 30 minutes that I watched the film.

Simmba, the name that had conjured image of a lion cub when I first heard about it, is indeed a story of a cub that eventually becomes the lion.

Like all Rohit Shetty movies, Simmba has all we would want and more. It has an intelligent storyline that picks the best from his past movies, weaves it well into current scenario including references to real news, and also offers a solution that we all think to be right.

Action-packed with sense ingrained.