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Debunked! 11 Misconceptions About Hinduism That You Need To Stop Believing Right Now

Do all the Hindus worship cows?

We often talk about Karma, Dharma and how our deeds affect our lives. But how do we know all this?

But where did we learn all these facts from?

Some would say that it was their parents that taught them, but some would agree that all the Hindus have acquired these values after reading the religious scriptures.

The saints and the priests are always narrating stories of the Gods, their deeds, their goodness, their kindness and their rules. But how true are these stories?

Of course, there's no doubt about Hinduism being one of the most followed religion across this world but is everything that we know about this correct?

Are all the facts and stories verified?

Well, I guess not! 

Read here to know the myths about Hinduism that we need to stop believing in: