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From Witty Acts To Warm Tributes, Shah Rukh Khan Will Charm You Like Never Before At Lux Golden Rose Awards 2018

Get ready to witness a dreamy night that acknowledges the game-changing icons of Bollywood - and with none other than Shah Rukh Khan to humour you at the Lux Golden Rose Awards 2018!

Shah Rukh Khan.

Naam hi kaafi hai!

The Badshah of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan has captivated hearts and driven a defining fan following around the globe oh-so-effortlessly!

Be it Raj, Devdas, Raees or Bauaa, Khan’s proud portrayal of a variety of roles gives hope to so many who aspire to be a Bollywood star.

From the best of the industry to the younglings beginning their career in Bollywood, nobody is aloof to his charm!

The King Of Bollywood has always known ways to astonish everyone alike and that too in quite a grand fashion! His actions speak for himself when he addresses all women with respect, understanding and care. Lux Golden Rose Awards 2018 have become a beautiful testimony of the same!

First things first, have a quick glance at the iconic entry of the one and only, Shah Rukh Khan, on the stage of Lux Golden Rose Awards: