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Divya Singh 30 Apr, 2019 09:02 73781 8

Seven Issues In India Raised By The Rap Song ‘Suno Vikas Poochh Raha Hai’ Is Making Headlines This Election Season  

The biggest festival of democracy in India is here! What are you looking forward to? Suno Vikas Poochh Raha Hai!

This is the 21st century. A good time to live in - or is it? A self-directed question as such would be enough to kick-start a conversation amongst us regarding all the things that are going wrong and issues that need our urgent attention before the doom is here. India has been exemplary in so many areas - the best and the worst - throughout its existence and shall continue to do so. Cutting to the chase, it’s high time for us to do more than just raise an eyebrow about the following seven grave issues persistent in India in spite of changing leadership and superficial visibility of activism which, if not attended to in exigency, will return to haunt us for the coming years of our existence.

Suno Vikas Poochh Raha Hai, a thought-provoking rap on Youtube, which is touching 1 million tractions on social media with its #vikaspoochhrahahaichallenge, does just that by asking youth significant questions about the biggest festival in democracy - electing our government.