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Section 377 Ban Has Been Lifted: But Am I Really Free?

As a member of the LGBT community, I am more than thankful to the Supreme Court for their bold and historic verdict today. But, is that all we need?

On September 6, 2018 came the fortunate moment that an entire faction of Indian citizens had been looking forward to. The moment when IPC Section 377 underwent a much-needed revision. And although LGBT is an indeterminate minority among the Indian population, it still comprises of vast numbers of youth, hiding themselves inside the closets.

Years and years of petitions, Pride parades, protests, and prosecutions, finally led to a point where the judiciary of India admitted the fact that ‘Homosexuality is not a crime.’ But is that enough? Is that enough to instill the same thought among the general public of India?

My question is… When I walk out tomorrow, wearing my pride on me, will I still face the disgrace of being gay… that I did yesterday?