Guneet Bhatia 17 Nov, 2018 05:05 71533 5

Believe In The Magic Of Your Dreams, Says This Real Life Based Short Film 'Chhotu'

'Chhotu' was just a thought. It then became a process!

Believe in your dreams.

The above quote is something that we have been learning since forever. But how many of us have applied it in our real life? Though we call ourselves a modern community, does every dream gets the chance to become a reality?

Be it in the form of our family, or society, there are a lot of consequences that stop one from achieving their dream. Amidst all this, a young boy who dreams of becoming a magician and fights his fate to write his destiny is shown in this new feature, Chhotu.

Chhotu is a short film about real dreams. To know more about the film, WittyFeed reached out to its star cast and here's everything you need to know.