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Ponytail Ideas Approved By Bollywood Beauties And They Are Not-So-Basic

Tell a tale with your ponytail.

If you thought you could only keep ponytails on days when you can't fix your hair or are having a bad hair day, then you're living under a rock. Just like the numerous ways to let your hair down, there are more ways than one to tie your hair in a ponytail. 

Of course, there will be times when you get bored of the basic hairdo and need some change. These times are perfect for trying your hand at learning some new ponytail styles. And if you thought ponytails are outdated, let me tell you, our gorgeous Bollywood actresses have had days when they've chosen ponytails over a thousand other hairstyles to opt from.

Right from textured ponytails to retro ones, our Bollywood divas have time and again shown us how to rock one like a star. So why not give ourselves a little update with that hair and make some heads turn?