Sanya 01 Dec, 2018 09:06 71872 30

15 Places Mumbaikars Should Go To Experience Good Winters

Winter is coming. 

How often do we wish to escape routine and wander far off to lands where exists no one except us, the winter breeze and the snowflakes?

The city life as exciting as it may seem can be a little overwhelming and frustrating at times. Our daily routine and the hustle bustle surrounding our work-life can be stressful and could demand a getaway.

And since Mumbai is quite deprived of the most amazing weather, that is winters, you can fly away to some gorgeous winter wonderlands and spend some quality time with your loved ones cosied up in warm blankets with some hot chocolate.

So as winter is coming, and it's December already, here is where Mumbaikars can go to experience some jaw-dropping winters in India: