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20 Powerful One Word Tattoos That Are Minimalistic Yet Equally Impactful 

Beautiful, raw and real tattoos that fit your identity. 

While getting an inspirational saying or quote inked never loses its popularity, one-word tattoos are also one of the timeless tattoo trends. If you want it short and simple, to keep a memorable moment in your life or some personal interest that means a lot to you forever with you, one-word tattoo design is for you.

Also, it's important to remember about finding the perfect one-word is that it doesn’t have to be in English – or any language you speak, for that matter. Though it does help to know what your tattoo means before you get inked, but you could choose a word in a foreign language and let it define your personality in an amazing way.

So if you're someone seeking some one-word tattoo inspo, here are a few that would help: