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8 Non-Cliché Ways To Tell Your BFF How Much You Love Them

This Friendship Day, surprise them!

We all deal with the issue of peer pressure when we are young. We like to get in with the trend and do things that the world does. We wear what the world is wearing and go places where everyone is at. It's only later in life when we realise that all of us are different individuals with different tastes and desires. The norms start to look boring to us when we hit a certain age and that's when the idea of breaking the monotony hits us. And one such cliched day that most of us live by is Friendship Day. 

Accelerated in trend by Karan Johar's Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, on this day everyone is exchanging bracelets around, spending the whole day together and declaring to the world that this is their other half. But today, let's take a moment and discuss some non-cliche ideas to tell your best friend how much you love them!

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