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Bahubali Is Making A Comeback As Netflix Series And We Can't Keep Calm

If you've been wondering what happened before Bahubali, Netflix has the answers.

Bahubali enjoys a cult status today. The S. S. Rajamouli magnum opus wowed fans all over the world and achieved a milestone that has set a huge standard for every maker in the industry. In fact, every aspect of the two-part saga had praises showering from all over the world. While the fans refused to settle for the two-part movie which was concluded last year, today Netflix has given them all the right reasons to be happy!

After coming with successful series like Sacred Games and lining up shows like Bard of Blood and Ghoul, the Netflix gods do not seem to stop showering us with their amazing content. 

The video streaming and producing company has announced its plans to bring out a Bahubali prequel which will focus on the rise of Mahismati empire and the power and politics involved in it.

Excited? Well, here's all that you need to know about this announcement: