Shraddha 17 Dec, 2018 09:38 72177 15

14 Times Mumbai Ki Rani Malishka Proved You Don't Need To Be On Camera To Be Stylish

We recommend you not only to steal her fashion style but that smile!

She is not scared. Not scared of expressing what she feels. Not scared of supporting what she thinks is right. 

You all would remember her for the Pothole song that went viral so much so that she also had to face a backlash for the same. 

Well, yes it is none other than Mumbai Ki Rani, RJ Malishka. And no, we are not going to talk about any new controversy around her or any such thing, but bring to light this mast-maula's casual yet funky and stylish fashion sense.

Not someone you would look up to for fashion you may say? Darling... we shall prove you wrong: