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11 Unique Ways to Celebrate Diwali for a Dhamaaka Of Happiness 

Between all the booming sounds, here is your pleasure guide!

Variety is the spice of life and happiness is the intention of the festival of light.

The triumph of good over evil followed by a grand celebration marks the day of Diwali. Today, if you ask a regular Indian about her/his reasoning behind celebrating this day, the response might give you a fading sense of this festival's roots. Still, the real conundrum is not WHY but HOW to celebrate the day so as to feel its essence and live within its aura throughout the year. 

On the day of Diwali, most people are back to their hometown, all set to enjoy the evening with their friends and relatives. After Diwali pooja, what's normally followed is a couple of hours of bursting crackers and offering sweets to townmates. This time around, let's add a twist into the tale and make it a memorable November 7. We are posing unique Diwali celebration ideas that have all the strength to illuminate your festive time like nothing else. Which one would you choose out of the following eleven?