Devang Singh Bhadauria 05 Sep, 2018 08:55 69324 5

Want To Be A Female Cricketer in India? Here's the Easiest Way 

Know how to be a part of Indian Women's Cricket Team.

Life and related challenges are unpredictable rather uncertain, but your choice of being a warrior to fight with them is not. India, a country known for its cricketing legacy and players, is yet another nation where getting to play for the country is extremely difficult. One has to be firm, diligent and devoted to cricket so as to be a part of the Indian Cricket Team. 

Well, India is a country where societal dominance falls faster than freedom and democracy, and as a female, you have to fight a million minds for a career to be in the field of sport, especially cricket. But nothing's difficult if you have a firm mindset and sheer determination to achieve the desired goal. 

So, for all those young girls, who want themselves to be a part of the Indian Women's Cricket Team, here's what you need to do: