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Lucknow Boy Pranay Singh Pachauri's Simple Style Is What Makes Him Stand Out In The Crowd

And why we think men should #StealHisStyle

Let's be honest...with the number of web series that is released these days, we come across new actors almost daily, but not all of them manage to create an impact on the audience.

However, Lucknow boy Pranay Pachauri has been someone who has stood out among the recent batch of new stars on the block.

While most of us spotted him in UTV Bindass's The Trip, it was not his first acting venture. He has acted in Kaisi Ye Yarriaan Season 3 and the movie Time Out. Nevertheless, as they say, better late than never.

What made Pachauri stand out among the cute actors of The Trip Season 2 was his simple looks and of course his dressing style. And hence, he features in our series called #StealHisStyle.