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From A Polio Affected Kid To A Stuntman-Singer: Inspiring Story Of A Budding Artist

Jagdish Patel was five months old  when his parents realised he has Polio.  

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams: Eleanor Roosevelt

It isn't just this wise lady who believes in dreams, so does Jagdish Patel. 

Jagdish, 28, is specially-abled and is driving himself against all the odds in his life to achieve his dreams. With an annual income of about six lakhs as a showman, he feels nothing is impossible in this world if one sets his mind, focus, and efforts to achieve his goal.

It was when Jagdish was five months old that he developed a high fever. His family rushed to a nearby hospital wherein the hospital staff misdiagnosed his condition. Thus, he was stricken with Polio.