Guneet Bhatia 05 Aug, 2018 05:32 68034 10

Inspiring Journey Of 4 Friends Who Became The Top Entrepreneurs Of Central India

Who doesn't dream to start an enterprise with friends? 

We have all dreamt of owning a startup with our best friends, but barely a handful of people make such dreams come true. Meet four best friends from Chhattisgarh who dreamt big, worked hard and went on to become the top entrepreneurs of Central India. 

This is the story of Zama, Aman, Suyash and Pushpendra, the co-founders of Konsole Group, Chhattisgarh’s leading Digital Marketing Agency. 

Their journey started when four of them first met at Chhattisgarh Institute of Technology (CIT), as a part of the first batch of this engineering college based in Rajnandgaon in 2004. Little did they know that their start-up idea backed up with sheer determination, strong bonding and the excellent guidance of their mentor and company CEO would make headlines years later. 

These buddies were no different from any other friends group.