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I Want To Live An Insane Life Like Ranveer Singh And Here's Why I Think I Can

Here's to the reign of Ranveer. 

With flamboyant dressing style, exuberant energy and incredible sense of humour as his hidden talents, he walks. And when he walks, he takes control of the room like no other.

His is the stage, the audience is his too.

Born with anything that's opposite of a silver spoon, it was the hard work and dedication that made Ranveer Singh what he is right now. With back to back hits and records that appear to be unchallenged, Ranveer's uncharted rise to success is one to behold by both star kids and commoners alike.

What Ranveer Singh did for a dreamer like me, can't be put into words. I am someone whose energy is almost always off the charts. I dream in colours that don't even exist. And with actors, behaving as civil as a new bride, in Ranveer, I saw a reflection of my own. 

His unbridled energy, his nonconformist will and an attitude that could shake the mountains, he remains to be the one true inspiration that motivates me every damn day.