Dhwani 05 Aug, 2018 05:35 68036 5

The Ship Of Relationship Continues To Sail Only With Friendship

'Cause pyaar...dosti hai.

Friendship is the beginning of all things beautiful. It's one of the purest forms of relationship where two people make a connection that only strengthens with time. Likewise, every relationship has its own charm. Some age like a fine wine where two people start slow by getting to know each other to being the closest friends before actually asking each other out. While others start dating in the blink of an eye. And that's because the connection between the two is so strong that they don't need a number of phases to define their start of something called love. 

However it may be, a few things play a key role in maintaining a relationship. And these essential things matter the most when two people decide to spend a lifetime together. With that being said, every people in your life matter. Some teach you to love, while some teach you to understand. Some make you feel emotions unconditionally while others make you learn life lessons.