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These Cute Illustrations Show The Bitter-Sweet Moments Of A Couple's Life

They spend the most awesome moments together! 

There are a lot of things that happen in a couple's life. They make way with a lot of things that come as a part of being with each other. Cute couple, Jason and Ymei from Penang, Malaysia are one of those couples. They made J&Y Productions, and they are also the creator behind the comic books The Potato Couple. Their comics and illustrations have been appreciated and loved a lot on the Internet.

Jason draws anything and everything that happens between him and his love interest. Here is a small selection from his comic collection about their life and a potato relationship. 

It is the sort of relationship that goes a long way, that is much more than romance and love. It is more about care, understanding and being there for each other. Take a look and find out what this couple has in store for you.