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25 Illustrations To Depict How Beautifully Flawed Yet Flawless Women Are

However clumsy, careless and stupidly crazy they are, we love women.

Women always look their best, spotless skin, crisp hairdos, perfect outfit with matching accessories and footwear. No, not all women are this flawless. Or rather we'd say no human being is flawless. Every woman is flawed, and they love their scars as much as they love covering them with makeup. Not because they fear rejection from the outer world, but because they like to beautify themselves for their peace of mind.

Even otherwise, women are a little clumsy, a little careless and a lot like a mess at times. And if you're lucky, you'll get to see their candid side once she gets comfortable around you. Worry not if you don't get to, she'll come around.

But for now, we have a woman illustrator from Los Angeles named Amanda Oleander whose Instagram is filled with the real, transparent side of a woman.

Here's how it is like: