Dhwani 01 Dec, 2018 08:40 71877 17

This Is How You Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up In Whites And Own The Show!

When in doubt, wear all whites!

Matching colours is all too easy. We've all gone past the phase where we dressed up looking like clowns and sometimes made heads turn not for the right reasons. While we've had our share of pairing contrasting colours for our daily looks, we managed to learn what suites our skin and personality. 

Dressing always gives a sense of confidence to each individual. You tend to feel more confident when you dress up-to-date. But when you're put in a situation where you have to select just one colour and bring your fashion skills together to show what you make out of that one colour is when you're put on a real test.

Say whites. Now, this colour is not everyone's cup of tea to pull off well. But then again, it's on you how confident you are to dress in this single colour and how you experiment with it to put together a so-called look.

Here's how our Bollywood divas wore white and turned into total show-stoppers wherever they stepped in the outfit. Take lessons, ladies!