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13 Ways To Get Rid Of Hangover This Weekend And Wake Up With The Sun

Hakuna Ma-vodka!

Do we need an occasion or a reason to party? (Don't answer that, guys! It's a rhetorical question.) I mean, if there was an ocean full of alcohol then you probably would've never stopped swimming in there. 

What Deepika is to Ranveer, is exactly what alcohol is to our weekends. One phone call and a set of people hopping clubs like kangaroos is what our party scene looks like.

Dancing our 'feelings' out and drinking shit loads of 'daru',  tripping to them EDMs and screaming the lyrics of 'Oh Oh Jane Jaana', the list is endless. But so is the pain of hangover! 

Lying in your own vomit is not an ideal set up to wake up after that party, so all you need is simple ways to get rid of the hangover. Here's what you can do after getting hammered on every weekend: