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17 Times Bollywood Divas Taught Us How To Style That Last Minute Party Look

Thank me later!

Dressing up for various kinds of occasions is a woman's favourite thing to do. Be it a casual outing with friends or a weekend party; girls always want to dress their best. And if you still think little of our patience, trust me when I say this, we put in a lot of time and thought into what to wear for a particular party, based on who's attending, where's the party and how long is it going to be.

But there are times when our friends decide to make a random party plan or choose to invite us on short notice. In times like these, we have absolutely no time to decide on our best outfits, and we automatically have this brain-freeze moment where we can't think of putting together an outfit for the night.

Don't worry, girls! I've got your back. Here's a compilation of what to throw on for a short-notice party and look like a snack!