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15 Tanmay Bhat Tweets That Truly Deserve A Place In The Hall Of Fame

He is the controversy king for a reason and I love it!

Today, Comedian Tanmay Bhat is nothing less than a youth icon. He's smoothly qualified for the category of national offender and is been tagged as an anti-nationalist. Yet he is showered with a tremendous amount of love from his fans. Why? Because he says things as they are and laughs all the criticism off! 

I still remember when AIB released the Knockout roast in 2013 and an FIR was filed against the company and the celebrities involved for using abusive and vulgar language.

Later when Tanmay casually roasted legends like Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar, the media lost it's calm and he was probably munching on popcorn while they did it. I mean, did they even watch the video? It was just supposed to be laughed at, like an Akshay Kumar movie! This hilarious man has enjoyed the freedom of speech like a boss and that is exactly what I see on his social media. His twitter is full of outright statements and we need to thank him! Here are 15 of his masterpieces: