Dhwani 04 Aug, 2018 07:06 68008 11

These Hilarious Memes On Single Life Are So Relatable It's Not Even Funny!

Been there, done that!

Accept it! We've all been through tough times of either being single AF or had to deal with a really stupid breakup. Either way, we've had a hard time facing singlehood. And there are so many memes made out of situations like these. Some that are really vague and some that are more real than real. 

With the new generation trying to take everything lightly, we've all got used to making fun of our somewhat tricky life problems. And just like that, I've got a list of memes for all the single people in the house!

Come on! I know you're going to read 'em all and have a good laugh at how much do you relate to all of 'em.