Divya Singh 04 Apr, 2019 11:06 73658 4

Here’s Why Hellboy Is Not Only About A Big Red Half-Demon, But Also A Concept Marrying Ironic Humour To Righteousness

Not all demons / half-demons emit bad vibe. Seriously. 

Mike Mignola's material on Hellboy is one of the finest detailed comic settings an audience could ask for. While the comic explores the subtleties of Hellboy’s character with finesse, the on-screen adaptation of the same is a mindboggling production journey we can’t wait to be a part of.

While one sees Hellboy as this half-demon summoned to Earth with a complicated state of physical attributes and emotional chaos, the Big Red’s journey goes beyond that - almost like a Labyrinth waiting to be exploded free.
Here are the truths that surround Hellboy’s personality and actions that climax into - wait a minute, none of us needs any spoilers -the kind that will prove to be thought-provoking for the audience.