Divya Singh 10 Nov, 2018 12:57 71333 3

Guess Whose Performance In Dance+ Got Poppin John To Think That He Should Practise More? 

Tonight on StarPlus, international dancer Poppin John is going to make his first appearance on Dance+ 4 and win hearts all over the nation with his moves

What makes a dancer win the hearts of the millions of dance enthusiasts and admirers around the globe? If you believe that it is their technique, we take this opportunity to awaken you from your slumber, my friend. Their magic is the result of a performance far beyond their knowledge or technique, and after watching the upcoming episode of StarPlus’ Dance+ 4, you will be ready to revisit your beliefs!

When internationally acclaimed dancers like Poppin John visit India, they are bound to be taken aback by the beauty, the mystery and the vast pool of fascinating artists!

So, if you are wondering where we are heading with this, tonight’s episode of Dance+ 4 is going to welcome Poppin John on stage and introduce him to an even charming set of contestants and their mesmerising moves!

That’s right! When Poppin John meets Dance+ 4 contestants, what happens next is a larger-than-life, wow-I-can-not-afford-to-miss-that kind of entertainment and well, it is going to be nothing but a spell-binding experience!