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21 Times Stand-Up Comedian Karan Talwar's Tweets Sent Us Rolling On The Floor Laughing

And the award for funniest Twitter handle goes to...

Have you ever heard of the phrase - In the ear of dumb jokes, be someone's meme? 

Well, if you haven't then you've landed on the correct story because today, social media has become a pool of memes where we all seem to happily swim! I mean, look around you, aren't you surviving your tough days and bad memes laughing on some hilarious memes?

If your answers are positive, then I'd like you to introduce you another meme master, Karan Talwar, a member of East India Comedy who likes to call himself Bollywood Gandu.

So, here are some unbearably hilarious tweets and memes by Karan Talwar, who we popularly know as Bollywood Gandu, that will make you jump out of your chair: