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Feminism v/s Feminazi: The Difference Every Woman Needs To Know

Ladies and ladies, take a chill-pill! 

Alright, before I start, let me tell you that this piece of writing is going to offend a lot of people. Specifically, self-proclaimed feminists, ‘influencers’ and of course, attention seekers. Yet, I am writing this, because I have witnessed so much of weirdness in the name of ‘feminism’ along with all those hashtags on Instagram, that I need to write this.

Being a woman, mind you, not a teen but a 25 YO, I have realized that women have lately gone off track with what is considered as ‘feminism.’ There are ‘influencers’ claiming to be molested, disrespected with no proof, yet they manage to create the air, because, oh that pretty face!

But, as a woman, here’s what I want to unveil, along with the justifications. Then I’d leave it on you to choose.