Guneet Bhatia 01 Nov, 2018 08:06 70975 10

Story Of An Entrepreneur Who Is Making Sure That Millennial Read Content The YOLO Way

Meet Anurag Singh, CEO, Tnine Infotech. 

Do you remember the times when books were the only way of making one smart? Apparently, at that time loading a page on the Internet was like waiting for a bus that's never going to come.

But now, the world has become even more digitalised. The information that was once available to the readers in thousand words can now be consumed in few sentences.

Keeping this in mind, an entrepreneur named Anurag Singh, along with his team came up with a new age content platform that aims to make you smart without you spending a lot of time on it. 

WittyFeed reached out to Anurag to know how he is willing to solve this new age millennial issue.