Guneet Bhatia 04 Dec, 2018 12:33 71940 20

20 Doodles About Girls That Are So Perfectly Relatable That It Can Make You Cry

No one knows what is going on in that stupid little head! 

A girl's brain is full of drama. It's no less than a mystery. No one knows what goes around inside it.

While there are days when she is a carefree soul who has no effs to give to the world, there are nights when she cannot sleep as she is an overthinker too.

At one point she may be roaming around confidently, the other moment she will stumble as soon as she sees her ex. That's how complicated a girl is. Even if a girl tries to explain what she's thinking, she fails. 

However, this Instagram artist, Sneha Ghildiyal, has solved all our problems as she has correctly defined what goes around in a girl's head.

Have a look: